Recently, the team at Shift came up with a crazy idea. They were thinking about how you see new car reviews everywhere, but there's a significant lack of writing when it comes to used cars. This, they thought, was odd, because used vehicles are very popular among American car buyers.

In fact, on average, new car sales accounted for less than one-third of total vehicle sales in 2015. With this in mind, bloggers for the online car seller decided to come up with a list of recommended used vehicles for 2017 buyers.

10 Used Cars that might Attract Buyers in 2017

Used Cars Attract Buyers

When creating their list of the "10 Best Used Cars for 2017," the writers at Shift took 10 factors into consideration:

  • Popularity
  • Purchases Made after Test Drives
  • Return Rate
  • Fuel Economy (EPA-Estimated)
  • Depreciation
  • Maintenance Costs
  • Insurance Costs
  • Performance
  • Spaciousness
  • Safety

Much of the data used in the research for this list came from the Shift website, and is based on the habits of Shift customers alone. Therefore, the results are in no way conclusive or reflective of consumer buying habits in every geographical area.

It's unlikely that you'll want to run out and grab every model on this list to put on your lot. However, you may see something here that would make sense to have in your inventory:

  1. Mazda Mazda3
  2. Honda Insight
  3. Hyundai Genesis Coupe
  4. Honda CR-V
  5. Hyundai Sonata
  6. Kia Optima
  7. Toyota Prius
  8. Hyundai Santa Fe
  9. Scion FR-S
  10. Ford F-150

And, of course, if you specialize in subprime sales, you know that very different rules often apply. When it comes to the best used cars for buyers with credit issues, two questions must normally be asked:

  • What can the customer realistically afford?
  • Which cars can you afford to sell them?

This is why, when you're stocking your inventory, you might need a very different list.

Finding the Best Used Cars for Subprime Buyers

After desking numerous deals for subprime car buyers, you know from experience that some vehicles work and some don't. Also, there's no comprehensive list of used cars that will work in every area and for every customer. Even a list that's specific to your area would probably change pretty frequently.

This is how Auto Credit Express can help. With our up-to-the-minute data, we can provide you with a personalized Market Analysis Report that includes the top vehicles for subprime buyers in your market. We can provide this information whenever you need it and as often as you need it.

Giving you access to all of the data that you'll need to make your business thrive is just one of the many services we offer. In addition to this, we can connect you with the best subprime sales leads in the industry, as well the most innovative dealer products on the market.

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