It's important to get the right subprime car buyers into your store. And it is equally crucial to have the right lead management tools. At Auto Credit Express, we can help you build a successful subprime department from the ground up. Or, we can make your existing department more profitable.

We offer everything you need for subprime success.

Get Started with the Best Subprime Sales Leads in the Industry

Subprime Auto Sales Leads

You don't have to settle for generic subprime buyers. With Auto Credit Express, you can choose the customers you want. Whether you're interested in recent bankruptcy discharges, a particular credit score range or buyers who live in a certain area, we've got you covered.

Also, our subprime sales leads are incredibly well filtered. With our 42-field application and talented Call Center staff, we're able to get the right information from every buyer. In addition, each lead will be fully prepped and informed. So by the time they get to your store, they’re ready to buy.

With our leads, the numbers don't lie. We generate over 250,000 subprime auto applications every month for 1,800 dealers nationwide. And according to Polk data, 55% of our applicants end up booking appointments.

How else can we help you attract your ideal customers?

  • Our BK Marketing System: Reach out to the freshest bankruptcy discharges with a list that's updated weekly and proven letter templates. With our system, tracking and communicating with BK buyers has never been easier.
  • Our Direct Mailers: Unlike other mailers, ours get results. This is because we use proprietary pinpoint data that allows you to send mail to specific customers. With our mail system, you can also track the success of your campaign and quickly see how you're getting a return on your investment.

Of course, once you have your leads, you'll need to figure out the best way to manage them. Luckily, our patented LotPro® subprime system makes both lead and inventory management a breeze.

Pulling it all Together with LotPro

LotPro isn't referred to as "The Full Dealer Software Solution" for nothing. From start to finish, LotPro can make every subprime deal easier and more profitable.

  • Manage and process customers. LotPro's CRM lead management and tracking software makes it simple to stay current with sales leads, walk-ins and phone prospects.
  • Keep track of your inventory. With LotPro, every unit can be booked quickly and accurately. Also, with direct connections to Kelley Blue Book, Black Book and NADA Guides, book values will be updated automatically.
  • Desk the best deals in seconds. The LotPro Deal Excelerator can instantly identify the most profitable units for every customer. You'll never have to worry about leaving money on the table just because you're too busy to work a deal. LotPro will do the work for you.

So, yes, Auto Credit Express offers the best subprime sales leads out there, but it doesn't end there. With our leads and everything else that we have available, your store will have a clear advantage when it comes to the highly profitable subprime auto market.

Put Auto Credit Express to Work for You Today

If you're ready to take your subprime sales department to the next level, just give us a call at 888-535-2277. Or, you can just fill out the convenient contact form on our website.