Subprime auto sales can really help your store's bottom line. But they also give people with bad credit a chance to improve their situation. This creates a great opportunity for you and your customers.

However, you will need a subprime selling system in place to accurately complete these deals. LotPro is your answer to this, as it is often called the best subprime selling system available. This system contains inventory management, subprime desking, customer management, and bankruptcy marketing tools. All of these features make it invaluable to have in your store.

Inventory Management

Subprime Selling System

LotPro simplifies the vehicle booking process by importing inventory data directly from your DMS. The system simultaneously pulls car values from NADA Guides, Kelley, and Black Book. Vehicle history reports from AutoCheck and Carfax can also be accessed. This gives you all the information that you need when appraising trade-ins.

Furthermore, LotPro saves you time by providing you with accurate booking information. You will not have to spend time manually re-booking vehicles or updating prices. This information is critical when looking for or identifying issues with inventory.

Subprime Desking

One of the best features of the subprime selling system is the subprime desking component. This feature allows you to match your inventory with specific lender parameters. You can easily see all the deals that you can potentially make, along with the gross profit for each deal.

Once a car has been selected, you can complete the deal knowing that it is properly structured. Lenders and lending programs are built into the system, which allows you to easily create and ship the deal for approval.

Customer Management

Keeping in touch with all of your customers can also be difficult. LotPro makes this easier with its customer module.

In this module, you can manage all your current customers as well as new leads. You can keep track of phone calls, Internet leads, and walk-ins with ease. Additionally, you can schedule appointments and send out reminders. LotPro allows you to quickly and easily communicate with your customers, ensuring that they are properly taken care of.

Bankruptcy Marketing

If you are looking for new subprime auto sale leads, then LotPro's bankruptcy marketing module is there to help. LotPro automatically downloads Chapter 7 and 13 bankruptcy filing data in your state each Monday, which allows you to contact individuals with bad credit that may be looking to buy a car. More importantly, the data that LotPro provides can be sorted and filtered multiple ways to find those buyers that meet your targeted demographics.

Additionally, the bankruptcy marketing module contains letter templates that you can use to send to these consumers. You can also print mailing labels and customize your own templates for further personalization.

Start Today

LotPro is an invaluable subprime selling system that you can use in your store to benefit your bottom line. It offers inventory management, subprime desking, customer management, and bankruptcy marketing solutions that will make your job easier.

So what are you waiting for? Begin the process with Auto Credit Express today by filling out our contact form or calling us at 888-535-2277. One of our representatives will quickly be in touch to discuss how LotPro can assist you.