Over the last few months we've gotten several requests from car dealerships interested in our onsite special finance training program; a two month program so effective that we guarantee that the gross profit, less sales commissions, advertising costs, and our fee, is positive by the end of our two month visit to the store. 

On the other hand, from October of 2008, through November of 2009, special finance sales and finance training was probably the last thing on most dealerships minds.  Most were in survival mode and believed that the lending resources were not available to establish a special finance sales process or department.

Due to the decrease in dealer demand for our comprehensive subprime automotive sales training program, the product was shelved and our training team disbanded.  If we continue to see growing interest from the dealer community we again offer this service to dealerships nationwide.

In the meantime we have created a Do it Your Self, Subprime Starter Kit.  The kit contains our 162 page special finance training manual, our 24 part online educational series, as well as inexpensive lead generation and essential modules of LotPro software for subprime sales.

Subprime Starter Kit Special Finance Training Manual Online Educational Series

If your looking to startup or increase your sub-prime sales in 2010, the Subprime Starter Kit is the best alternative to our on-site two month program.