When you want to bring quality subprime buyers and fresh BK leads through your door, turn to Auto Credit Express. Our bankruptcy direct mail marketing system can help your dealership stand out from the crowd.

Get Stronger Results with Targeted Car Leads

At ACE, we believe in quality over quantity, but you’ll still see an influx of the right customers coming through your door when you use our targeted BK marketing system. We know that you need fresh leads and you need to get to them fast. So, instead of “shot-gunning” thousands of generic bankruptcy mailers, we use a targeted drip campaign sent to the right buyers for your needs. You can use one of our effective and time-tested templates or customize a letter to your satisfaction. Our filters can target buyers by bankruptcy type, discharge date, file date, zip code, and more.

Stand Out From the Start

auto loan during bankruptcyConsumers coming off a bankruptcy often don’t know where to turn when they need a vehicle. Usually, they’re still reeling from the hit to their credit after bankruptcy. These subprime buyers can become loyal customers for life – all they need is someone to say “yes.”

Saying “yes” to the right customers comes easier when you can hand pick your desired audience. Want to work with people who’ve only filed Chapter 13, or only Chapter 7? How about targeting a 15 square mile radius from your doorstep? Want to reach out to new leads just days after they’ve filed or set up a drip campaign to send at intervals such as 30, 60, or 90 days? All of this is possible, and more. Plus, our leads come from the courts on a weekly basis, so they’re always fresh.

The Best Bankruptcy Leads for Your Dealership

Bringing the freshest and best BK leads right to your doorstep is simple with our automotive bankruptcy marketing – all you have to focus on is selling. If your dealership is in need of other tools to increase the success of the new leads that are coming in, we’ve got you covered.

From our LotPro system Software to our dedicated BDC, Auto Credit Express is here for you. To get started with our bankruptcy direct mail marketing system, or any of our other products and services, contact us at 888-535-2277 today. You can also submit our online contact form and we’ll be in touch with you.