Having a comprehensive social media strategy can boost your car dealership's marketing efforts. Done right, your automotive social media marketing can increase visibility and ultimately lead to more sales. Social media can be a good place to target car buyers, but it can’t be your only method. Some old-school techniques like automotive direct mail can still pack a punch.

Why Car Dealerships Should Use Social Media

Targeting Buyers with Your Car Dealership's Social Media StrategyThere's no question that your store should be using social media in 2018. There are countless platforms and different ways to utilize them – the hard part is figuring out which platforms are worth investing time and resources in.

Digital Air Strike's 2017 Automotive Social Media Trends Study looked at consumer behavior on social media networks, review sites, and mobile devices when it comes to the car shopping experience. Here are some of the more interesting takeaways:

  • 87 percent of car buyers said they leaned on online reviews to choose a dealership to shop at.
  • 40 percent of vehicle shoppers used Facebook to read dealership reviews, while 77 percent clicked on a Facebook ad with a relevant offer or promotion.
  • 27 percent of car buyers watch an average of two YouTube videos each week, placing it ahead of Instagram, LinkedIn, and Google Plus.
  • 79 percent of Twitter users following a dealership do so because they had a good experience and want to support them.

Tips for Developing Your Dealership's Social Media Strategy

On the other hand, the 2016 Autoshopper Study from J.D. Power found that only 22 percent of car buyers use social media sites when researching for their next vehicle purchase. Social media may not be the ideal place to target buyers, but your dealership digital marketing strategy can still be successful and profitable in other ways.

Here are some quick tips to enhance your dealership's social media strategy:

Decide Which Social Media Networks to Use – There’s seemingly no limit to the amount of social media ideas for car dealerships. However, your strategy can't be spread too thin across every single social media network out there. You should have a focused plan in place for a few mediums and work to gain trust and authority with them. Look to the demographics in your area and find out what the most popular platforms are, or check out what some of your competitors are doing and think of ways you can do it better. It'll take time to find your voice, produce content for your feed, and engage customers that you turn into buyers, so you need to have a plan and the commitment to stick to it.

Think Beyond Posting Vehicle Inventory – There are so many different ways social media networks can be utilized to your benefit. Your store can interact with and engage customers in appealing ways that stretch beyond generic ads or inventory posts. You can promote your company's culture or social good efforts that give customers a better look into what you're all about. Or, try running exclusive contests or promotions and executing targeted ads to drum up interest. Showing off satisfied customers or hardworking employees is always a smart way to generate positive word of mouth.

Measure and Track Your Automotive Marketing Efforts – You can always learn as you go by tracking your store's social media use. Consider the goals of your business and what you're doing with social media to help meet them.

Don't Forget Automotive Direct Mail

Done right, dealerships can use social media to create awareness and boost revenue through the selling and servicing of more cars. But the numbers show that social media isn't the best way to spend your marketing dollars when it comes to targeting car buyers.

In the digital age, there's still room for a tried and true direct mail marketing campaign. Studies have shown that direct mail is more impactful and persuasive compared to digital mail, and it can be a great way to target ideal customers for your store.

At Auto Credit Express, we offer one of the most advanced bad credit direct mail services on the market. We help dealers deliver personalized mailers to car buyers they choose to target. Our mailers include a branded card with the name of the customer and your store in raised type, helping you stand out in a unique but professional way. Plus, our proprietary data filters help ensure you’re targeting buyers worth contacting based on parameters you establish.

The Bottom Line

There are many ways to effectively craft your dealership's social media strategy, but it may not be the ideal way to target sales leads. Direct mail doesn't go out of style in this regard, and Auto Credit Express wants to help you execute worthwhile campaigns. Call us at 888-535-2277 or fill out our contact form to learn more about our direct mail services and other great dealer products and services.