A new study shows that some age-old showroom practices are actually hurting customer satisfaction – and your bottom line.

Stepping Away Lowers Customer Satisfaction

Technology Can Help Increase Face-to-Face Sales TimeAccording to a new study by Roadster, deals are at risk each time a salesperson steps away from a customer, something that's done an average of three to four times during each sales transaction.

The study, which was done in a partnered effort between Roadster, Survata, and Talk Shoppe, surveyed over 1,500 consumers and eight dealerships across six brands, and indicated that when salespeople step away from a buyer, it leads to confusion and distrust with the entire selling process.

Car buyers have complained about salespeople stepping away for some years. In fact, the practice is regularly listed on customer dissatisfaction lists. "It's prevalent," Michelle Denogean, Roadster's chief marketing officer, said to WardsAuto. "Leaving a customer once isn't as impactful. Doing it three times can cause havoc."

One in four people surveyed admitted to having no idea why the salesperson left. When salespeople do leave their customers – out of sight and earshot – they're often excusing themselves to talk to the finance manager.

But in today's technologically-driven world, are such disappearing acts really necessary? Roadster CEO Andy Moss doesn't think so. If your staff has ready access to current deals and promotional sales information, which they can connect to through technology such as cell phones or tablets while they're working with consumers, it eliminates the need for a salesperson to excuse themselves from a customer interaction, which should lead to increased customer satisfaction.

On the other side of the study, consumers also pointed out other inefficiencies that often frustrate, such as dealerships asking consumers to resubmit basic information, or filling out credit applications again which were already submitted online.

Dealership Customer Satisfaction Solutions

Using the right technologies and software solutions, your store can capitalize on face-to-face interaction time. If your dealership needs help with this, Auto Credit Express has got you covered.

When it comes to the sale itself, our dedicated BDC for car dealers can help ensure that you have the information you need and the right customers coming through your door ready to buy.

There's no need to re-enter customer details when our reps have done it for you. We make sure that the first contact is thorough and informative, and that consumers come to you prepared to take the next step in the sales process.

Not only do we brief consumers on what they should bring to the dealership based on your specifications, we can also set appointments to your schedule and contact them with reminder calls and emails before their scheduled meeting. This way, all you have to focus on is selling.

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