Over the last few years, the auto industry has seen some major changes in the way people shop for cars. But just because the vehicle shopping experience has changed doesn’t mean that dealerships are out of the game.

Subprime Auto Leads and Subprime Lenders

The Best Subprime Auto Lenders for Independent DealersShoppers are coming into dealerships far more prepared to buy than ever before, and this means that your salespeople need to be more ready to sell. Combining knowledge that the customer can’t find online with dealership best practices can help guarantee your customers leave happy. But how do you ensure that they reach your doors in the first place?

That’s where Auto Credit Express can help you. We’ve been providing quality subprime auto leads to independent dealerships, like yours, for over 20 years. Now, we know what you’re thinking, it’s great to have all these leads coming through your doors ready to buy … but finding the financing they deserve can be tough, especially for an independent dealer.

Fortunately, ACE won’t leave you hanging there, either. If you’re looking for the best subprime lenders for your store, we want to help. We have strong ties to the automotive lending market, and one of our top priorities is improving the lives of credit-challenged consumers through auto financing. This is something we couldn’t accomplish without dealers like you.

Turning Car Shoppers into Customers

Helping you find the auto finance companies necessary to get subprime consumers the lending opportunities they need is just one way we can help consumers achieve the goal of better credit through auto loans.

As the market shifts further toward used cars due to the rising cost of new vehicles, there’s a great opportunity for your store to take advantage of this loyal market segment.

According to a recent article in WardsAuto, bad credit consumers redeem themselves if they’re given the chance to do so with a car loan. “Ninety percent of people, when given a second chance, made good on that second chance,” said Lou Loquasto, the auto finance leader at Equifax, to the outlet.

Today’s generation of sub-600 credit score consumers may be struggling with poor credit, but it’s not for lack of trying.

“The customer with a 550 credit score now is not the same as the person with a 550 score when the housing market collapsed and they were affected by it,” said Loquasto to WardsAuto. “Today, a person with that score has a systemic difficulty."

In order for subprime borrowers to succeed, they have to be given the chance to do so. According to Loquasto, this means not giving up on subprime consumers, but trying to learn everything you can about them and using alternate credit data to get the whole picture. A deeper look beyond these consumers credit scores into other factors – such as phone and utility bills – can help you set them up for success.

Giving a subprime customer a second chance can be one of the most rewarding things your dealership can do. Customers tend to remember who was there for them when they were down and out, which means you could have a repeat customer for life.

Not only are subprime customers some of the most loyal around, they also make sure people know who got them what they needed. This means spreading word of mouth advertising for your store.

Get the Subprime Auto Lenders You Need

When you use Auto Credit Express and our subprime auto lender resources, we can help connect you to the lenders you need to help grow your special finance business. Once you have the lenders, you can also take advantage of our other services, such as our award-winning subprime auto leads.

But that’s not all, we also provide quality new car leads and used car sales leads powered by CarsDirect Connect. Plus, we have many other products and services that can help meet all your independent dealership needs.

To hear more about how we can help your bottom line grow, just call us at 888-535-2277, or fill out our online contact form and one of our representatives will reach out to you.