For car dealers, quality over quantity still rules the day when it comes to targeting shoppers. You want consumers who are serious about buying a car to show up. Erich Gail, CEO of The Cardinale Automotive Group, recently shared some tips on getting customers to show up.

Ideas Your Dealership Can Use

getting more customersThe Cardinale Automotive Group operates 23 dealerships (representing 11 different brands) in California, Arizona and Nevada. Cardinale has an annual revenue of over $666 million and ranks 76th on the WardsAuto Megadealer 100 list for 2017.

Gail recently shared some of the tips and tricks the Cardinale group follows to impress customers, as well as get them to show up.

  • Have Managers Confirm Appointments - Gail says too many U.S. car dealers have high no-show rates because they don't confirm sales or service appointments. His stores not only call to confirm upcoming appointments, they have managers do so. This can make the consumer feel important, appreciated and valued.
  • Promise and Deliver an Enjoyable Experience - Another practice many of the Cardinale group's stores use is to ask what each customer's favorite beverage is when confirming appointments. Then, they tell the consumer that they'll have one with their name on it when they arrive. This tells the customer they can count on an enjoyable experience at the store. Gail says "show rates go through the roof" when this is skillfully done.
  • Ask for Referrals with Finesse - The Cardinale salespeople are also required to ask car buyers for referrals with every sale, and they are expected to land at least one. Their team spins it so it's not uncomfortable and more about spreading happiness. The customer is leaving with a car they love, so why wouldn't they want to pay that kind of joy forward to somebody else?

Quality Over Quantity

Generating leads is simply not enough in today's market with sales slowing and margins shrinking. The name of the game is influencing the right, high-quality shoppers.

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