Anti-theft technology for vehicles has improved over the years, making it harder for thieves to break-in and drive away in automobiles. Because of the improved technology, criminals are now targeting car parts, according to an article on In this case, thieves are turning their attention to items like tires and wheels that can easily be taken and sold without being traced.

Theft at Dealerships

Wheels and Tires

While many may think that criminals only target vehicles in neighborhoods and parking lots, news stories show that dealership lots are often targeted. Thieves pick dealer lots because there is a significant number of car parts to steal with a relatively low risk of being caught. This means that your store has the potential to lose a considerable amount of money if proper security measures are not in place.

Loss Prevention

Many stores use lighting and security cameras to deter crime. While these items may help, thieves have been known to cut wires and dress in dark clothing. These actions make many common loss prevention methods ineffective.

Dealerships are now turning to more advanced products to keep criminals away. reports that Wheeltrack, a theft deterrent firm, has seen a sales increase in wheel marking products that you and your customers can use for identification purposes. This deters criminals, as the parts can easily be identified and traced back to their original owner.

Opportunity for Sales

Even though your store may be forced to spend more money on security measures, you have the potential to sell more accessories to your customers. Your team should be able to offer theft deterrent products like wheel etching and locking lug nuts, along with potential insurance options that offer coverage if the worst happens. Understanding theft risk and training your staff to educate your customers has the potential to benefit everyone involved.

Know What’s on Your Lot

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Sell More Cars

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