Move over, salespeople. Customers are taking the driver’s seat in the selling process. In the digital era, the standard sales pitch with its age-old steps doesn’t cut it anymore. These days, prospects are far more likely to come to you knowing the car they’re looking for – right down to the trim level – rather than coming in and asking questions.

3 Tips for Selling to Today’s Consumer

Instead of mourning the loss of tradition, why not get on the customer’s wavelength? Creating a sales process that’s customer-centric is key to keeping up with today’s automotive market.

Here are three tips on how to do that:

  1. Turning the Sales Process on its HeadRecognize a prospect’s work – Customers are taking the initiative to do hours, days, or even weeks of research before deciding to come in, look at, and test drive the vehicle they think they want. You need to acknowledge your customer’s hard work and ask them what questions they have so far. This allows them to open up to you and share what they’ve learned.
  2. Be product experts – You have to be prepared to give customers the knowledge they didn’t find online, and be ready with hands-on demonstrations. It’s not enough to have one “technology expert” at your store in today’s market. The entire sales staff has to know each car they’re selling inside and out, and how the safety and connectivity features work. On that note, it’s also essential that your sales staff know where customers are getting their information. A good training tip is to gather your salespeople together and click through some of the major automotive websites where consumers get their information – and not just the automaker sites. Look at expert review sites that rate vehicles like LotPro, Motor Authority, CarsDirect, and The Car Connection, where consumers can read first drive reports and other major automotive news.
  3. Know car comparisons – Another thing to be aware of is that today’s prospects are going to be looking for in-demand models that are going fast. Maybe the customer is set on something that’s outside their budget, or you know of a different model that gets better gas mileage. Your sales staff needs to be able to lead prospects to these vehicles without feeling like they’re just pushing a sale. Often – especially with subprime consumers – prospects want everything in a new car, and something like that isn't always within their budgets. But if your staff knows which makes and models are comparable to what the prospect is looking for, or which used or CPO models have some of the same features, your store may be able to give these buyers what they didn’t even know they were looking for.

The automotive market is changing, and so is the sales process needed to keep up with it. Change is one of those things that seems to be resisted more in the automotive world than in others, but change is what’s going to have to happen if you want to stay competitive in today’s market.

Prospects That Are Ready to Buy

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