With multiple dealership groups on the rise, it is more important than ever to insure that combined lead status reports are easy to understand and track. The latest version of LotProOnline will ensure that your subprime car department lead statuses are the same at multiple locations in any dealer group.

Why synchronize lead statuses?

In many cases, car dealers can have special finance departments in multiple locations within the same dealer group. In many instances, these departments are given a certain amount of independence from each other – either because of the distances between stores, or because of the differences in brand that necessitates an alternate selling system.

The result of this independence can mean that incoming leads are assigned different lead statuses in each store. This makes it difficult to track overall lead progress as well as sales effectiveness on a store-to-store basis. To overcome these problems, the latest version of LotProOnline incorporates a function to enable dealers to compare different statuses and either combine or eliminate them to create a unified system for all dealers using the system within the dealer group.

Contact LotProOnline Tech Support

If your dealer group is using LotProOnline and this problem needs to be addressed, all you have to do is pick up the phone and call our tech support department using our toll-free number. We will furnish you with a list of lead statuses at each of your stores. Once you decide which statuses you want to share in all of your stores, call us back and we will do the rest. Once we have finished, all stores will have the statuses that were picked and the rest, if any, will be eliminated. Once we receive the status list, this can all be accomplished within a matter of minutes. When the process is complete, the individual store reports can be combined in a number of unified reports that include each store in your group.

Our software just keeps getting better

This latest feature should help special finance department managers and dealer group finance managers more accurately track working leads. By combining and standardizing lead statuses within the various dealerships, you can spend less time trying to analyze performance and more time working with your staff to optimize closing ratios.

To find out more about these changes, as well as other features of the best subprime auto dealer finance software on the planet, contact us at 888.535.2277 or by using our quick contact form.