A new survey from Roadster and research firm Survanta shows that modern technology can attract potential employees in the automotive industry — and it’s geared toward millennials.

“Imagine if you’re a millennial and the only way you’ve bought a car is through the traditional process, negotiating back and forth, writing everything down on a piece of scratch paper, but everything else you purchase is through an iPad, iPhone – some sort of screen device,” said Tim Miller, General Sales Manager at Honda of Seattle.

Technology Dominates

millennialsMillennials rank working for a car dealer in the top three of occupations they'd most like to avoid, right behind tax collector and politician. Of the 1,006 online respondents interviewed, 54 percent said if car dealerships implemented more modern technology, they'd be more willing to look for a job at one.

The influence of modern technology has begun to spread to some dealerships, and Miller explains how his dealership has been taking advantage of this:

“Now when you come into one of our dealerships, and you want to see the payments on the vehicle, the cash price, a lease quote, everything is done right there on the showroom floor without any management necessary and everything’s done on an iPad. For a customer, normally it takes 20-25 minutes just to get the customer the information of how much it’s going to cost to pay for this vehicle,” Miller said.

Something else that modern technology can do is simplify the sales process and training for dealership staff. The survey found 61 percent of millennials said that they would like to see a change in the high-pressure sales environment common to most dealerships. Having all of the information needed in the palm of their hands would help decrease that added stress.

Bottom Line

Traditional pen and paper isn’t cutting it anymore. Large companies have used modern technologies to their advantage, and car dealers can utilize them as well.

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