We offer two auto finance lead programs, the Auto Credit Express® Premier Lead Service and the AutoNet Financial No Sale No Fee Lead program. With the Premier Lead Service, car dealers pay per Lead and with the No Sale No Fee program, stores pay when they sell a car.

We've had some car dealerships that have utilized our Premier Lead Service for years and have lasted only a short time on the No Sale No Fee program, and vise versa, stores that have been successful with the No Sale No fee program and have cancelled after a few months with the Premier Lead Service.

So aside from how stores pay for our auto finance leads, how do these two programs differ?

Auto Credit Express Premier Lead Service

With the Auto Credit Express leads, the store paid for the leads and they are theirs to process any way they like. Although the preferred method of delivery of these leads is to our proprietary online software LotPro®, we will securely post to any CRM utilized by the dealership.

In addition to the auto finance leads, premier lead service subscribers have access to our Bankruptcy Marketing System, and used car leads from LotPro.com at no additional charge.

With this program, car dealers also regulate the flow, and volume of leads they receive in near real time. Although each lead sent to a store is exclusive, with the premier program, territories are not; leads are distributed based on the lead price and flow rates set by member dealers. The minimum commitment is 30 days; shorter trials are available on a pre-paid basis.

AutoNet Financial No Sale No Fee Leads

With the AutoNet Financial leads, we pay for the leads so member car dealers utilize our process. With this program we only post leads to our proprietary online software LotPro. Each lead sent to the store is either approved or declined by the member dealer within 24 hours of posting to LotPro.

Approved leads are then contacted by our automotive call center to schedule time for them to visit the store with the required STIPS to buy a car. No Sale No Fee car dealers also notify our call center when a scheduled visit was either kept or missed. Prospects that missed their schedule meeting time are reworked by the call center.

With this program, lead volumes are regulated by the conversion rates of member dealers. Each lead sent to a store is exclusive, and only one No Sale No fee car dealer is enrolled per territory. The minimum commitment is 90 days.


If your store has the process and people in place to contact leads in a timely manner, or you're experimenting with subprime, or you want a specific volume of leads, the Auto Credit Express lead program may be best suited for your store.

If on the other hand, you're a pro at special finance, will commit time to communicate with our call center, and do not have a process in place to process subprime auto finance leads, the AutoNet Financial program may be best suited for your store.