You probably already know that social media platforms should be included in your marketing plans. Shoppers often turn to Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Instagram and Pinterest for information about products. And you may be surprised to learn that YouTube is the preferred platform of car shoppers.

In a poll conducted by, 2,500 car shoppers were asked which social media channel they found to be the most useful for vehicle research. 43% of those surveyed named YouTube as their go-to source for car information. Facebook came in second with 33% of the vote, followed by LinkedIn with 10%, Twitter with 9%, Instagram with 7% and Pinterest with 5%.

On why this choice makes sense, Scot Hall, executive vice president of, said in a news release:

"Our research tells us that YouTube is an effective social channel since it gives shoppers a virtual tour of the vehicle they're looking at, as well as an opportunity to see how it handles on the road. Online videos can be powerful in car shopping, particularly as people gravitate toward the Internet and away from actual test drives at the dealership."

And, yes, you can use YouTube to show off vehicles in your inventory, but it doesn't have to end there. With minimal time and not a lot of money, you can make videos to show customers all of the reasons they should visit your store.

YouTube Video Ideas for Car Dealerships

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You probably have team members who are wonderfully charismatic and engaging. Let their talents shine in a series of videos that will let shoppers know that you are the go-to dealership for all of their automotive needs.

The Service Department

Film an oil change or another simple procedure to show customers that your service department is quick and efficient. If you have a nicely appointed waiting room, show that off too. Let viewers see that you have comfortable seating, convenient amenities and a friendly service staff.

The Salespeople

A lot of dealers offer photos of their salespeople, accompanied by short bios. This allows shoppers to familiarize themselves with the people they might see when they visit your lot so that they will be less intimidated. This tactic might be even more effective if members of your sales staff have an opportunity to literally speak for themselves in YouTube videos. And if these videos happen to be at least a little amusing and/or entertaining, that's even better.

Contests and Promotions

If your store is running an exciting contest or promotion, a YouTube video would be a great way to let customers know. Sure, you could buy space for a television commercial, but that could get very expensive. Making a video for YouTube, on the other hand, is usually cheap. And if the video goes viral, you could get at least as many views as you would with a pricey TV spot.

The Virtual Test Drive

This is what car shoppers really want to see. Invest in a GoPro® camera (if you don't already have one) and film test drives from the point of view of the driver. You can start with the vehicles on your lot (new or used) that you think would be popular with customers and move on to taking requests. Allow shoppers to suggest vehicles to be test driven in the comments section below the video and make new videos featuring the most popular selections.

The Aerial View

If you have a nice inventory and want to get fancy, invest in a drone camera (or borrow one). You can then give shoppers a birds-eye view of your store and the massive selection of vehicles on your lot. You can also use this type of camera to film test drives from a different perspective.

Using YouTube in fun and creative ways is a good way to attract customers to your store. And contacting Auto Credit Express is the best way to get the best subprime sales leads in the industry.

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