The Difference is the Brand and the Data!

Auto Credit Express has reinvented the credit mailer. Open and conversion rates are exceptional due to our ACE branded card inside, and our proprietary pinpoint data filters which we have outlined below.

The Brand:

The Auto Credit Express consumer brand:

  • 4.9 out of 5.0 with Google Reviews
  • A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau
  • A ton of subprime consumer friendly internet content!

The Data:

Endless filter combinations so that you can target your ideal profitable customer:

  • Credit Score Range
  • BK's
  • Repo's
  • Income
  • No Recent Auto Loans

Most importantly OUR Proprietary Pinpoint Data which will bring you these Favorite Customers:

"Skin in the Game"

You love to work with customers who have low credit scores, and they can be profitable IF they have a down payment. Customers such as Shane who have scores 425-525 are MUCH more likely to come up with what you need when they make $50,000 per year!

"Ready to Buy"

With an auto related credit inquiry taking place from 2 -12 months ago, Guy has been shopping. His most recent auto loan was over 24 months ago, so he should be ready to buy his dream ride from you!

"High Rate"

Nate is drowning with a payment of $450 or higher and/or an interest rate of 12-25%. Choose your ideal credit score range that would allow you to save the day for Nate.

"Half Way There"

You love to work customers who have a trade in, but not if they are BURIED! Customers like Clare are at least 50% through their current auto loan which they obtained over 2 years ago. This means that they are in a better position for you to help them into a new car and also to profit from the sale of their trade.

"Thinks he is Bad"

This is your favorite "625 who thinks he is a 525" customer. Despite having a recent bankruptcy and/or repossession, Brad happens to have a credit score of 600-650. When Brad contacts you, he will be eager to accept one of your options and you will be eager to cash your commission check!

"Doesn't Think She Can"

Fran has had A LOT of delinquencies on her credit report. We filter specifically to make sure of that. Despite those 60's, 90's and charge-offs, Fran has NOT had a repo or BK. With a credit score of 550-625, your aggressive captive lender can now approve Fran for a NEW car instead of used. Fran is excited about driving away in a NEW car. You're excited to be making a nice profit for a change!

The numbers speak for themselves.

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